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This Florida:  Real Estate Sales Sample Question Course helps to prepares you for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Licensing Exam. The course uses a database of over 800 questions with more than 4,100 screens of information, it consists of a course map and practice questions. The course is designed to expose you to only correct information.

This is a course that is a combination of sample questions organized into topics that allow you to practice questions and improve your score. Using the Redding Method you are only exposed to the right answers, similar to flashcards but with the advantage of a new test being generated with each attempt, and only the right answers displayed.  If you choose a wrong answer you will be shown the question that answer was the right answer for. Read each question out loud, read each answer out loud, and improve your memory and vocabulary within this field of study.

Optional Corresponding Manual: Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, by Linda L. Crawford, George Gaines, Jr., & David S. Coleman, current edition

Prerequisites: Florida Required FREC I Pre License Course

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